My comedy career commenced senior year of high school, shortly after I came to the heart shattering realization that I would most likely not be making it to the NFL. Comedy was a means to fill the void that quitting football left, and thus I entered my high school talent show. I then began partaking in the local open mic scene, mainly at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle (Royal Oak, MI), hoping to follow in the footsteps of other well known comedians and entertainers. While comedy did it’s part in becoming my full time hobby, I wanted to do more with it. As a freshman at Michigan State University in 2014, I created 'Laughter is the Cure', a show unlike any other, in hopes of using my newfound passion to make a difference in the world.
I called up the funniest person I knew (Nick Tenaglia) and the most creative and talented person I knew (Jeremy Paczos) and together we created what is today known as "Laughter is the Cure".