Laughter is the Cure was founded by Sam Silverstein during his freshman year of college in 2014. With his partners, Jeremy Paczos and Nick Tenaglia, they created a live comedy show that combined stand up comedy, videos, and a movie-like story line. The 3 boys took Laughter is the Cure from a simple idea to a powerhouse organization touring all across the Mid-West bringing laughter and joy to both their audience and children in need. 100% of the nearly $40,000 raised for childhood cancer was put toward new virtual reality systems, books, toys and re-designing children’s hospital rooms. Laughter is the Cure sets out to involve and inspire a young generation to give back by their own doing. 


We have transitioned from some kids running around universities putting on shows to now exploring how we can bring this cause to an even larger platform. The mission has stayed the same, although the avenue to accomplish the mission will forever be adapting. We are currently working on various projects to explore the many ways we can get young generations involved in giving back and wanting to make a difference.