Laughter is the Cure was founded in late 2014 by Sam Silverstein, a freshman at Michigan State University. Sam wanted to find a way to give back on a large scale in the most fun way possible that would actually attract a college aged demographic. He knew he needed an incredible team to do so. He first called on Jeremy Paczos, a master of all things creative to handle pretty much everything behind the brand. Jeremy handles it all from logo design to flyers, tickets, shooting and editing the video content, etc., he does it all. Next, Sam called Nick Tenaglia, arguably the funniest person in North America. The 3 of these guys together took “Laughter is the Cure” from a simple idea to a powerhouse charity touring all across the Mid-West performing their live comedy show and raising money for childhood cancer. They performed at Universities such as Michigan State University, University of Michigan, The Ohio State University and many more. The majority of the funds raised from these shows were donated to CS Mott Children’s Hospital located in Ann Arbor, MI with the remainder of the funds raised spread out among the “Helen DeVos Children's Hospital” in Grand Rapids, MI and “Nationwide Children’s Hospital” in Columbus, OH. What was so unique about our shows, is that 100% of the ticket sales were donated. Among the 3 years that the shows went on, not one single member of the Laughter is the Cure team took any profit whatsoever. Our goal was to raise money and to raise awareness, and we did just that.


As all great things constantly grow and adapt, so do we. We have transitioned from some kids running around universities putting on shows and raising money to now exploring how we can bring this to an even larger scale beyond just doing comedy shows. The mission has stayed the same, although the avenue to accomplish the mission is currently and will forever be changing. We are currently working on various projects to continue exploring the many ways that we can get younger generations involved in giving back and making a difference. Our current focus is still childhood cancer as we continue to explore new avenues of giving back to the many causes in need.