our mission

We believe charity and giving back should be something we look forward to, not dread. Often times, charity is made out to be this boring obligatory thing we all feel the need to do. We set out to destroy that stigma. Our goal is to show people that you can change the world and still have fun while doing so. It doesn’t take a lot to do it, just the drive to want to make a difference.


In short: We put on our unique live comedy show and other various events all across the Mid-West raising awareness and money for childhood cancer. All of the money we raise goes towards things like toys, books, video games, etc. Anything to make a child’s stay at the hospital as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.


Sam Silverstein   Founder

Sam Silverstein


Nick Tenaglia   Comedian

Nick Tenaglia


Jeremy Paczos   Creative Director

Jeremy Paczos

Creative Director

Shane Goldberg   Finance Guy

Shane Goldberg

Finance Guy

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Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 8.21.40 PM.png